Sohngen P.P.P.K 15p-Orange

Sohngen P.P.P.K 15p-Orange

Code  : Sohngen


First aid up to 15 person. Act fast, save more!.

The legal basis for all first aid equipment in industry, trade, administration and education institutions is based on workplace health and safety guidelines (Arbeitsstäenrichtlinien, ASR) A4.3.
The scope and extent of the first aid equipment which had to be available depends on the assessed risk in the company. The operator is responsible for the assessment and for the introduction of suitable measures. For smaller first aid kits, DIN 13157 can be used to help with orientation. Extract from the accident prevention regulations:
a) in administrative and commercial companies from 1 to 50 employees = 1 DIN 13157 first aid kit
b) in manufacturing and processing companies from 1 to 20 employees = 1 DIN 13157 first aid kit
c) on construction sites from 1 to 10 employees = 1 DIN 13157 first aid kit
DIN 13157 first aid kits can also be used for field work. Where company premises span various different buildings or several floors, first aid containers should not be more than 100 metres from one another. If this is the case, two small first aid kits can be used instead of one large first aid kit. Combinations of the models from the SÖHNGEN® DIRECT and EXTRA product lines are particularly suitable for this.



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